Thanks to a donation from Asda Foundation, Hand In Hand Activities CIC will very soon be delivering a number of resin craft workshops for a small group of people. 

The funding from the Asda Foundation has allowed us to purchase some good quality craft resin, as well as a variety of silicone moulds and protective equipment for the sessions.

The idea for the trial of the activity came about during the most recent lockdown when discussions on a WhatsApp chat group with some regular group members from Stepping On Social turned to newly acquired lockdown hobbies. Alison Watson-Shields, Director at Hand In Hand Activities CIC, had taken up resin craft after receiving a resin set for her birthday. Alison, a self-proclaimed “uncreative” person, managed to create some fantastic and eye-catching pieces of resin craft that included floral and sea glass sun catcher plaques, rainbow inspired shapes holding dried flower heads and even attempted to make a small resin fish tank complete with painted fish and an octopus “floating” around.

Many of the chat group quickly added that they would love to give resin craft a try, so when the funding from Asda Foundation said it would fund equipment required to deliver an activity then trialling the resin craft workshops really was the only option.

Due to a delay in the communication of the successful application and further delay in the funding payment, the initially proposed dates have had to be changed. Details of dates and time of the resin craft workshops will soon be available following conversations concerning the availability of the hall space at The Institute, Grays Road, Grangefield. Keep checking back (or our social media channels) for updates.

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