We are delighted to share the news that Tees Valley Sport, via the Together Fund, have pledged support for Stepping On Social and Zumba Gold for six months.

Tees Valley Sport, via the Together fund, has offered post-Coronavirus funding to support key target groups to increase their participation in sport and/or physical activity. Their funding is most timely as the cost of living crisis continues to stretch people’s budgets.

The result of this funding is that we are able to reduce the cost of our Stepping On Social chair-supported exercise class and our Zumba Gold with the Zumbarettes moderate intensity dance-based exercise class starting April 2023 and continuing through to the end of September 2023.

The funding will also allow us to identify and work with external providers to deliver a range of appropriate fitness classes, increasing knowledge of the variety of fitness classes available locally. If you happen to be a fitness provider who works with older people, please get in touch and share details of what you can offer and how much it would cost.

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